Zorky's Planet

  • Thursday 2nd July 2015

This is how Zorky's Planet describes itself on its website:  "ZORKY'S Planet is located inside AFI Palace Cotroceni and is the first amusement indoor park in Romania opened in a shopping mall. Ideal for family leisure!" Being the only one in the country it's hard to argue with this assessment. 

Roller Coaster is an I.E.Park coaster that's half inside the FEC and half outside. The coaster winds in and out of columns, circling three times before a full circuit is completed. The coaster is rather mild, making it a perfect family ride, even though it hangs over the shopping mall veranda. 
The rest of the FEC is made up of amusement rides, arcade games and a soft play area.

Inside AFI Palace Cotroceni shopping mall. But where is the coaster?

There it is :-)

This I.E.Park family coaster is called Roller Coaster. It has been thrilling riders since 2002.

Not much else in the FEC unless you are interested in amusement games.

The Palace of Parliament  

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