We had been thinking about a Romanian trip for a few years now. Every year I would talk with my friends about the trip and then decide against it. The delay dates back several years, when Divertiland, a water park on the outskirts of Bucharest, announced an expansion plan, where they would build an amusement park that would include three coasters. The new park would be an adjunct to their water park. After a couple of years, this plan got shelved. The following year we couldn't go to Romanian as both of our calendars were full with other trips. Finally, in the summer of 2014, we decided that we definitely had to do this trip next year.

 The initial idea was for a long weekend. In the process of planning, I noticed that there were a few interesting sightseeing opportunities.
I've learned over the years that outside of those amusement park gates, there is a beautiful world waiting to be explored. I've started mixing some culture into my roller coaster trips, hence making my them much more enjoyable. I couldn't pass up including some of the highlights that these countries had to offer. Romania is also blessed with some well-preserved medieval towns. Missing out on these gems would be a crime.

A few new parks had popped up in neighboring Bulgaria. Including those as well, I got started on planning this trip.

Terra Park  

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