Orasulul Copela

  • Thurday 2nd July 2015

 Orasulul Copela is a mid-size amusement park located within a bigger municipal park called Parcul Tineretului. Orasulul Copela in Romanian means "children's park"-- and this is exactly what it is. Apart from a couple of large rides, all the rest are aimed at children. There are three roller coasters in the park. The powered one is called Crazy Dragon and is for children only. Our group tried by contacting the owner but we could not get him to change his mind. We rode Mine Train Coaster, which is a family coaster by SBF. The--last and the largest--coaster was not operating because the staff member who operated the ride decided to sleep in. We had to return later that afternoon to ride Speed Roller, an average Galaxi. I also tried the fairly good funhouse. The final section was not operational. 

The park artwork team are really good. They have done an amazing job with all the Disney art around the park. In general it's a nice family park in central Bucharest.

The park entrance that is nearest to the ride section. 

Mine Train Coaster is an SBF family coaster that has been operating since 2013.

Speed Roller is a standard Zyklon that has been operating here since 2006.

Ticket office for the oldest coaster in the park.

Thomas, who joined as part way through the trip, has the first ride along with George.

The newest coaster in the park is this powered coaster called Crazy Dragon. We were not allowed to ride it. 

Kat having fun.

There are plenty of other rides in the park.

Copyrights infringement aside, some of the artwork in the park is fantastic.

Outside the park is this orange juice machine that freshly squeezes the oranges for your drink.

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