Fun Park Sunny Beach

  • Friday 3rd July 2015

Fun Park Sunny Beach was previously undiscovered. Thomas, our German friend who joined us for the second half of the trip, had found this park along with the two funfairs.
When we arrived, people were working on the coaster and we were told that it would be operating within the next hour. Rather than hang around, we elected to visit the fair and come back later. On our return, the coaster was running. Galaxy is a Zyclon-style coaster and probably the biggest one of the trip. It also had the biggest queue due to only one four-seater train operating, but the wait was only a couple of trains at most. Unfortunately the ride was worst of the other three Zyklons on this trip.

The park has an attached shopping area, leaving a McDonald's restaurant within the park boundaries.

Entrance to Fun Park Sunny Beach.

Big wheel.

Bumper cars.

McDonald's kiosk in the park.

Galaxy Coaster.

Children's rides.

Helter Skelter.

Shrek-themed inflatables.

We bought donuts from him and hit the road.

Snail House  

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