Final words...

This trip was different from other coasters trips that I've done in the past, as there were more sightseeing than coaster-riding days. Overall, the coaster quality is not great in these countries. But when you combine coasters with some sightseeing, then the trip becomes very memorable indeed. For me, there were many highlights, including the Transfagarasan, the Turda salt mine, the Snail House and all the lovely medieval towns of Transylvania.

I''d been wanting to go down this route for a while now. Just having non-stop coaster days in a trip is getting boring. Seeing some of the world outside of the theme park gates makes trips more interesting for me.

I found both Romania and Bulgaria to be modern countries with friendly people, and I would not shy away from recommending them to anyone. You certainly won't be disappointed.

Trips are great but with friends they are even better.
I would like to thank George Greenway, Thomas Enders, Lisa Scheinin, and Kat Jackson for accompanying me on this great adventure.

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  1. Thanks for showing me around another part of the globe we don't see often! :-)