The Palace of Parliament

  • Sunday 28th June 2015

The Palace of Parliament was the dream of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who demolished a large part of central Bucharest to make space for this mammoth building. He wanted to build a residence of colossal size, but before he could see his dream project be completed he was captured and executed by the people!

The Palace is the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon in the United States. It also holds the record for being the most expensive administrative building and the heaviest building in the world. 

We booked a 2pm English-speaking tour. The tour lasted over an hour. These tour include only the important areas, not the whole building. Passports are required to enter and must be handed in at start of the tour. They are returned once the tour is complete. One must go through airport-style security at the start of the tour.

Note: To take photos inside the Palace, additional payment is required.  

The Palace of Parliament.

Our tour begins.

Lose wires all over the place.

The palace is grand but feels empty.

A lot of the rooms are empty as they couldn't afford to furnish them.

The view of Bucharest from the Palace balcony.

Heading to the underground tour. If you expect Top Gear-style racing, you will be disappointed.

A bit about the history of the Palace and the construction timeline.

Back upstairs, we finished the tour through an exhibition that was taking place.

There you have it, The Palace of Parliament tour.

Satul De Vacanta  


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