Parc de Distractii Costinesti

Our last stop of the day didn't turn out to be Sutal De Vacanta. Thomas casually mentioned, late in the day, that he knew of a fair. It was a good 45-minute drive towards the Bulgarian border in the town of Continesti. On arrival, we saw a small fair in a field. The sole coaster was the first ride our eyes set upon as we entered the fair. We quickly ticked it off before doing a lap of the fair. With hunger and fatigue catching up to us, we left without riding anything else, in search of food at another possible location that had some rides. On arriving, we found no coasters, but we certainly found some food in the shape of some pizza that tasted rather nice so late in the day. I had booked the Ibis for the night, knowing that even though it's a basic hotel, one rarely ends up with any nasty surprises as all rooms are standard throughout the chain.

How wrong I was. The air con was not working and opening the window meant I got to hear the bloody seagulls singing and dancing all night. Won't be staying there again---ever.

American Express is a well known credit card--unless you're visiting a travelling fair in Romania, where it will be a small roller coaster.

Decent but nothing to write home about.

Other rides at the fair.

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