Snail House

  • Saturday 4th July 2015

The Wacky Attraction Award goes to the Snail House.  Located in Sofia's district of Simeonovo, this five-storey building was built in 2008. It was built at snail's pace (pun intended) taking ten years to complete. The house is very light as no bricks were used. It's also extremely energy efficient.

Coming from Plovdiv, the house was en route to the Rila Monestrey. It gave us the perfect opportunity to stretch our legs for ten minutes while checking out this awesome attraction

The fun doesn't stop here! Encouraged by the success of his unusual structure, the architect is planning on introducing a giant turtle and dinosaur houses to the area. Going by this, it is definitely a neighborhood to keep an eye on.

Snail House in Sofia.

Entrance to the house.

Rila Monastery  

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