Sofia city tour

  • Sunday 5th July 2015

The best way to see a new city is by walking. I heard good things about the Free Sofia Tour. They do a walking tour of the main sites in central Sofia. The two-hour tour takes place twice a day at 11am and 6pm.

I showed up just before 11am on a nice sunny day. A large number of people had also turned up, so the crowd were split up into three groups. Photos from the tour are below but are not in the order that they were taken

The tour starts outside this building.

The strip club in Sofia will come to you.


Underground ruins were discovered while excavation work was carried out for the metro. Once these ruins were revealed, work stopped and the metro was delayed for many years.

Some of the finds were placed in the new metro stations. So if you travel by metro you get a free museum tour.

Our guide is the chap in pink.

The gelato place was busy. No surprise as it was good.

The tour finished at the grand Cathedral Saint Alexander Nevsky.

Sofia Land 

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