• Tuesday 30th June 2015

I had planned a lunch stop at Sighisoara as it was halfway between Turda and our overnight stop of Brasov. But lunch was really just an excuse. I would have stopped here regardless, as it is one of the most charming and well-preserved medieval towns in Europe. It is also listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.Sighisoara's citadel was built in the 12th century and is very popular with tourists.

Our lunch was booked at the Casa Dracula, which is the birthplace of Vlad Dracul turned into a restaurant.  

Entering Sighisoara.

The famous clock tower that we would climb.

The yellow building is Casa Dracula.

Going up the tower.

Lisa is happy that she made it to the top.

The view of Sighisoara from the clock tower.

Sighisoara is a beautiful town.

We had our lunch on the balcony outside.

After lunch we checked out Dracula's bedroom.

Model of Sighisoara.

We also popped into a church to escape the rain.

Leaving Sighisoara.

A fortress outside Sighisoara.

Soon after leaving Sighisoara we came across this double rainbow.


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