Terra Park

  • Sunday 28th June 2015

Terra Park was originally scheduled for Thursday but nearer time it became known that the park was regularly closed on that day. The Palace of Parliament had been scheduled for Sunday, so an easy solution was to swap the two of them around.  

It was lightly drizzling when we entered the park. We made our way to the big coaster in the far right corner of the park. This SBF spinning coaster,Trans Siberian Express, has a wild mouse layout.  We were made to wait a short time while the rain stopped. One would expect a fiery ride on a slightly wet track, but once on board, the ride turned out rather tame. 

The second coaster is an oval-track powered model that is believed to be from DAL. This coaster needs a completely dry track so there was more waiting around. To kill some time we opted to have lunch in the only restaurant in the park. The restaurant is in the indoor children's area that takes up just over half of the park's space.
The restaurant had been busy due to the large group of children visiting, so there was a wait for our meal. Our group had ordered pizza but honestly, if had known how it would come out, I would have happily skipped lunch altogether. 
You have been warned!

The time waiting for the coaster to open and for the meal to be prepared was spent walking around rest of the park to see the other rides and attractions that the park has to offer. The park is rather small but has a fair amount of rides to keep the whole family happy. 

After the poor lunch, finally Dra Gon opened, we had a quick spin on it before heading for the exit.

Park map

Entering the car park.

Upon entering the car park, one notices elaborate artwork on the surrounding walls.

Main park entrance with the tower drop visible from outside.

The view you are greeted with once you enter the park.

Trans-Siberian Express is a SBF spinning coaster.

Trans-Siberian Express

Thumbs up from our group

Wild mouse layout

Oval shaped powered coaster that is believed to be from DAL named Dra Gon


Some of the indoor rides

A fair selection of outdoor rides.

London bus in Romania.

Never knew Big Ben and London Tower were adjoined.

Strange sweets were being sold in the gift shop.

Thank you, Terra Park. You were a good park for starting our Eastern tour, but do sort out your catering before someone dies.

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